Helicopter Training Programs by Ellen Kwame Corkrum Liberia

You may have different reasons for flying, for someone like me, it is more of fun than work to fly, even if I am a “commercial pilot” because if you happen to be in a profession which is also your passion then it does not seem like work at all as work is having a connotation of everything other than fun, which is indeed the saddest part of it but the other side of the picture is that if you are a commercial pilot then you are the person entrusted by an authority having the responsibility of the smooth journey of the passengers because after going through all the necessary certifications, training periods, licensing you are competent enough to take the responsibility of all the passengers flying off with you so it is indeed, a matter of pride to get responsibility for the security, Safety and well-being of others. Experienced commercial pilots like Ellen Kwame Corkrum Liberia are educating prospecting pilots to make a way with her expertise knowledge and make their path less bumpy, if not completely smooth.

Every good aviation school must have the following programs.

Ellen Kwame Corkrum Liberia

Private Pilot Certificate.

This is your door to entry to one of the most thrilling careers ever. It has the thrill and adventure which you will never experience in a usual job. It is the journey which is more rewarding then the destination, if you happen to choose the best aviation schools. This certification will allow you to fly for fun, boosting your skills especially if you have a helicopter for personal use or wish to have one.

During this period you will be able to get to know the basics of the flight. You will start by learning basic maneuvers and may end up flying solo after getting enough experience. It also demands practical exams to get to know the terminologies associated with it. Your experience will keep on increasing depending upon the time you will spend navigating.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

This will land you in a position where you will get paid to fly making your dreams come true with commercial license. This will give you a sense of satisfaction as you will be responsible for the smooth flight of the passengers flying off with you with actually getting paid for your services. Now, you have the qualification and opportunity to fly almost every kind of civilian helicopter after learning all the advanced maneuvers.

“Choosing a good aviation school will surely make a difference because if want to pursue it as a career then you must not settle with anything other than the best so as to make the most of your money ” as rightly put by Kwame

Instrument Rating

This will provide you an opportunity to fly high in the clouds, even if there happens to be almost zero visibility in the sky. This stage is more strategically planned as there will be references to the instruments in the helicopter so that you can cover huge distances and reach your final destination.

Certificate Flight Instructor

With this, you will be competent enough to teach others about flying and the good news is that some of the employers might be in your search as this certification provides you advanced skills and maneuvering so that you will be more competent than those pilots who are only having commercial pilot certification.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

Professional Pilot Program:

It is a full time structured FAA approved professional pilot course with flight and ground training ranging from basic, advanced to instrument pilot training. It is mandatory to be 18 years of old before enrolling this program and must be able to read, write, speak and understand English language

Conclusion: There are different programs which are being offered by some of the main aviation schools. Depending upon your interests and needs you can choose any of them. Some of them will start from as simple as to knowing the basics of the terminologies to end up making you competent enough to fly higher above the clouds and even make a leaving out of it. The main programs being offered by leading institutes are commercial pilot certificate, instrument rating, private pilot certificate, professional pilot program, certificate flight instructor etc. The experienced commercial pilots like Ellen Kwame Corkrum Liberia, the former Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority are always most sought after professionals because of their valuable experiences.

Paving The Way For Aspirant Commercial Helicopter Pilots

Helicopter flying might be your calling or you must be simply fascinated by helicopters if you are reading this stuff but when it comes to making a flying career you must have to earn a commercial helicopter pilot license before you can make sure that you are ready to fly passengers. “Being a commercial helicopter pilot is all about the responsibility that comes with it” as rightly quoted by Ellen Corkrum, experienced commercial helicopter pilot.

How To Make Your Way?

If you are just fascinated by the helicopters or are not sure whether to make it as a career or not then you can simply start with just a hobby but one thing I am sure about that once you will fall for flying helicopters or develop a hobby for flying then you will not help yourself moving on to becoming commercial pilot. No matter the path you may choose, you must start by undergoing education and training.

Post  Secondary Education In Must

If you want to pursue it as a hobby then you do not need to have a college degree but if you are considering it as a career then you do need at least post-secondary education. Most employers will require you to have at least an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. You do not need to have necessarily chosen an aviation degree and math, physics and aeronautically engineering degree will also serve the purpose. Many universities offer aviation programs that give you a bachelor’s degree, along with all the necessary licenses to fly helicopters and Corkrum,

Helicopter pilot at Helicopter Association International is bridging the gap between aspirants and universities with her expertise knowledge.

Private License

  • You must obtain a private helicopter pilot license to fly helicopters.
  • You must be at least 17 years old.
  • You must have an FAA medical certificate and you must also pass an FAA written test
  • You must take at least 40 hours of flight time and 10 of which must be solo flight time.
  • You must do three hours of dual cross-country flying, three hours of dual nighttime flying and three hours of solo cross-country flying and all these are the part of the 40 hours.
  • You must also do at least one 75-nautical mile cross-country flight and also perform three solo takeoffs and landings.

Prerequistes For Commercial Pilot

If you want to make it as a career then you must move onto earn a commercial helicopter pilot license.

  • In order to obtain the commercial helicopter pilot, you require to be at least 18 years old
    • You must have a private helicopter pilot license.
    • You must have a FAA medical certificate
    • You must pass the FAA written knowledge, oral and practical tests.
    • You just need to complete 20 hours dual flight training, including one dual cross-country as well as one solo cross-country flight and 10 hours of instrument training.
    • Lastly, you must do at least 10 hours of solo flight training and 100 hours as a pilot-in-command.

Summary: Human beings has always been fascinated by the idea of flying in the air and this idea gave birth to the helicopters. Helicopter pilots can take it as either hobby or as a career. You need to have post-secondary schooling to make it as a career. There are some prerequisites.

You need to have private license, you must be 18 or above and required training hours.

Way to Become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot

The way to become a commercial helicopter pilot and get that dream job can be longer than you think. If you want to include your career in some of the bays, flight, emergency medical services, corporate work, agriculture, or with those lines, then you should take some details before starting your career as a commercial pilot. Ellen Corkrum is a helicopter pilot, she can help you to navigate rules and operate the aircraft securely.

You have successfully built the foundation for your career by getting your professional pilot certificate. At this point, you must have a private pilot certificate, instrument rating and commercial pilot certificate. These ratings are very minimal, which you will need to work commercially. However, you are not yet enough qualified to go for that dream job.
When setting your goal, you should first ensure that you are physically fit. There is no point in going to all the work to prepare yourself for a course, for which you are not going to be qualified. So the first thing is that you want to ensure that you are going to pass a medical examination that will be in front of you to obtain your license.

Then the next thing you need to do is to actually look at the cost factors to see what will happen to reach your goal. Do not be discouraged when you know that becoming a helicopter pilot is not a cheaper effort.
If you really want something in your life, the only thing that prevents you from meeting yourself is that it is self. This is something that many successful helicopter pilots will tell you. If you are interested in flying and helicopters have special interest then there is no reason why you cannot become a pilot yourself.