Paving The Way For Aspirant Commercial Helicopter Pilots

Helicopter flying might be your calling or you must be simply fascinated by helicopters if you are reading this stuff but when it comes to making a flying career you must have to earn a commercial helicopter pilot license before you can make sure that you are ready to fly passengers. “Being a commercial helicopter pilot is all about the responsibility that comes with it” as rightly quoted by Ellen Corkrum, experienced commercial helicopter pilot.

How To Make Your Way?

If you are just fascinated by the helicopters or are not sure whether to make it as a career or not then you can simply start with just a hobby but one thing I am sure about that once you will fall for flying helicopters or develop a hobby for flying then you will not help yourself moving on to becoming commercial pilot. No matter the path you may choose, you must start by undergoing education and training.

Post  Secondary Education In Must

If you want to pursue it as a hobby then you do not need to have a college degree but if you are considering it as a career then you do need at least post-secondary education. Most employers will require you to have at least an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. You do not need to have necessarily chosen an aviation degree and math, physics and aeronautically engineering degree will also serve the purpose. Many universities offer aviation programs that give you a bachelor’s degree, along with all the necessary licenses to fly helicopters and Corkrum,

Helicopter pilot at Helicopter Association International is bridging the gap between aspirants and universities with her expertise knowledge.

Private License

  • You must obtain a private helicopter pilot license to fly helicopters.
  • You must be at least 17 years old.
  • You must have an FAA medical certificate and you must also pass an FAA written test
  • You must take at least 40 hours of flight time and 10 of which must be solo flight time.
  • You must do three hours of dual cross-country flying, three hours of dual nighttime flying and three hours of solo cross-country flying and all these are the part of the 40 hours.
  • You must also do at least one 75-nautical mile cross-country flight and also perform three solo takeoffs and landings.

Prerequistes For Commercial Pilot

If you want to make it as a career then you must move onto earn a commercial helicopter pilot license.

  • In order to obtain the commercial helicopter pilot, you require to be at least 18 years old
    • You must have a private helicopter pilot license.
    • You must have a FAA medical certificate
    • You must pass the FAA written knowledge, oral and practical tests.
    • You just need to complete 20 hours dual flight training, including one dual cross-country as well as one solo cross-country flight and 10 hours of instrument training.
    • Lastly, you must do at least 10 hours of solo flight training and 100 hours as a pilot-in-command.

Summary: Human beings has always been fascinated by the idea of flying in the air and this idea gave birth to the helicopters. Helicopter pilots can take it as either hobby or as a career. You need to have post-secondary schooling to make it as a career. There are some prerequisites.

You need to have private license, you must be 18 or above and required training hours.

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